Fine purple sand tea pot of Chinese tea culture

China teapot-tea culture, tea products, tea-drinking habit in our country has a long history, ancient literati often clustered together, and Tripods and pottery, to SIP drinks, as infinite appeal can be obtained. According to Hua Yang Zhi, Han dynasty, Sima Xiangru of the article documented in books such as the dialect and Yang Xiong, King Wu appeared at tea as a tribute, and reflected West Han dynasty to buy tea, tea, tea things, Song dynasty poet Wang Anshi had "people fixed-not a single day without a drink" of the language. Tea plays an important role in people's lives in ancient times.  
    the Tang dynasty, tea and food are not. As tea drinking culture more popular tea and growing handicraft, end of the Tang dynasty there were tea best tea, teapot, Yixing clay as raw materials, crafted by artists, their pot of purple color, soft texture, modeling, Ze, elegant, expensive as Ding Yi. Dynasty teapot have been widely used in scholar, poet, Ouyang Xiu's poems: "Purple OU chant and a total discretion, Grand chic more than envy. "Poems of" Purple OU "teapot. Yixing purple sand production rise of late in the Song dynasty to the Ming dynasty, will soon become the country's tea production center, after hundreds of years, Yixing teapot, China has always been a leading production history until today.  
    of Qing dynasty, "Xiling eight" one of Chen Hongshou joined teapot design process, collection of calligraphy, painting, crafts of the teapot has just come out, win recognition, praise "mansheng pots" is the Chinese teapot making another milestone in the history of. Since then, many artists involved in the teapot of painting and calligraphy, such as Director of the maritime school Union bonian, Wu Changshuo, love teapot, almost abandoned the industry. This practice has been followed.
   , Yixing in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui provinces at the junction, located in the Taihu Lake. Ancient yangxian, Tang dynasty is famous for its tea production base, many tribute tea annually, for King's House from top to bottom to enjoy. The Tang dynasty "tea" Lu Siyun: "Emperor to reward Yang Xian tea, herbs not flowering. "Therefore, appears well in Yixing dingshan and the King of clay, making tea in the teapot. Ming Zhou gaoqi Yang Xianming pot was recorded in the book of records, the Jiajing purple artist Gong Chun appeared, purple Chinese advance to a new level. Gong Chun entitled "Spring", the youth with Wu Yi mountain boy, when Wu Yi shan Jin Sha Temple while reading the book, he will fly out, personal visits Jin Sha monk, refined wash fine soils, hard folding kneading, and eventually became members. After Gong Chun into a Yixing purple sand produced by the Grand Master, his work has been called "spring for pot", there was "for spring pots, Sheng Yu Jinyu" reputation. Since then, the development of Yixing, hundreds of new, famous men, teapot as cultural gift favorite. BACK PAGE