Business Etiquette in an interview the importance of

Business Etiquette in a more and more important in people's daily lives, especially in the interview is more important. First impression is good or bad for interviewing the key it goes without saying that a bright dress and a shabby about who will be elected? Men were usually dressed in your interview suit. Men wear a suit when need to pay attention to seven. , To remove the logo on the sleeve. Second, to be ironed, so that it is flat and square, straight lines. Three, to fasten buttons. Four, wearing a suit and must be careful in its original form, not volume does not pull. Five, be careful to wear sweaters. Within six, to be clever matching underwear shirt don't wear cotton or woollen vests, underwear. Seven, in order to ensure the suit keeps its shape in appearance, should be in a suit coat, vest, pants, underwear and other things missing in his pocket, or hold things. After meeting need to be polite to shake hands with the interviewer, shake hands as interview etiquette plays, with "hands on" weight status.
    interview handshake is a kind of body language is very important. Foreign companies measure whether a person shake hands as professional, confident and knowledgeable ... Firm handshake can bring goodwill to the hiring manager. How to shake hands to put in place? How long the hold time is considered appropriate? These are very critical. Hand and hand contact is important first impression of politeness, so, you have to make your shake has the power. Shake hands how to make a good result? Following some misunderstandings and we discuss it. Equality between women and men: who first hand generally speaking "first-mover advantage is strong", Ms, senior, and higher should first hand. But in China, some women don't understand the etiquette, see each other is not pleasing to intentionally reserved to refuse to reach out, this is very unprofessional behavior. When you get a young woman and the hiring manager, what do you do? According to the international business etiquette, men and women should also reach out. If the other party does not shake hand, you can take the initiative, the other for reciprocity considerations, will also lend a hand in response to you, but the timing of shots to note here, to grasp the "inch". Some students are not sure, don't feel, you can shake hands with foreign managers when job fairs, road shows. Note don't reach too early or at the wrong time for money. Such as hiring managers to leave when they fill out a person's comments on your hand, or both eight feet far apart, you as leaders wait for foreign diplomats to pass credentials for, obviously outdated. All in all, master hand timing through practice, you may wish to participate in the job fair, shook hands with recruitment companies doing more exercises, failed and inappropriate experience how to shake hands handshake is proper, proper.
    superficially: not too gentle. Accepting men and women don't kiss the era has passed, those still reserved "smiling toothy" Women shaking hands is usually light and, as light as a feather, it is not advocated by the international business etiquette. Although stepping to represent you, not to mention the shoulder shaking hands as he could, but both men and women, shaking should be in line with "strong" purposes, take the time to shake hands with each other. Show confidence and sincere qualities.
    look around: without you in my eyes. In large gatherings, problems of many Chinese is shaking while searching, looking around to find a big man coming out of place. Big shot form a gel, stopped immediately went straight to the "topic". This is disrespect to shake hands are partners, also reflects their professionalism. In General, the "snob", a typical bureaucratic handshake will not stare and looked around. Shaking hands is the beginning of mutual exchange, eyes staring at each other, shook hands without eye contact lack of sincerity, not shared by other, not to mention goodwill.
    clock: shaking hands long and short. Do exaggerated but does not diminish the meaning of an image, for example: the handshake, cling, while rocking side help "rely on you to help"! This method of shaking hands in very common acquaintances, friends, fellow party, simple and sincere enthusiasm, but it's not international, professional style. Even from a practical point of view, long handshake nor desirable. Is bound to shake hands for so long delayed, affecting the efficiency and degree of earnestly ask others help, also did not shake hands by the length of time, more than a few words to ask for help, you can move people. International norms shook hands with strong "resonance" under two, but depending on the specific length of time needs to feel.
    swing: there is. In an interview not to "fellow countryman, tears," which hold each other's hands rock back and forth like a train wheel handshake though sincere, and can express your excitement when you see old friends, old acquaintances, but not professional handshake. In a formal business occasions, even an old acquaintance, should be "polite" and "picture" to shake hands.
    hand? Two hands? General international standard handshake is: even if they are familiar with instead of using both hands to grip easily, one is the ritual. In foreign countries, friendly acquaintances, often hold hands but hugs to greet each other. But interviews don't embrace rituals. Single hand can make you smart, of course, but the international, professional handshake, and you don't have to take your middle school teacher as "sparring". See returning to the mentor, and hands are better able to express the feelings. BACK PAGE