Bronze culture

Bronze is a great invention in human history, is the world's earliest history of metallurgy and casting alloys. Copper added Tin, lead, becoming a new alloy, alloy after thousands of years of chemical reactions, appears a grey layer of rust on its surface, so it is only referred to as "bronze", and ancient is this alloy called "pot of gold", the literature says "thanks to gold" and "gold"
, refers to the bronze.
    bronze is bronze as materials, using a very specific process (today called the bronze casting process) produced, it was one of the carriers of the ancient civilization.
    the age of bronze (Bronze Age) are represented by Denmark archaeologists g? J? Thompson first proposed by evolutionary stages in the history of human material concepts. All ancient civilizations in the world have gone stone age, CHALCOLITHIC, bronze age and iron age. China's ancient bronze age (dating back about 4000 to 2200) created only the bronze culture of the world.
    and handed down a large number of bronze unearthed from ancient block mold casting technology in ancient China has developed to the point of extreme, bronze in ancient Chinese life and spiritual system plays a pivotal role. So to speak, the evolution of ancient bronze and bronze technology, not only is a matter of Chinese history, is a Chinese spiritual evolution.
    rare bronze and bronze casting technology of the advanced nature, make it with pottery, wood and stone sink in daily use, such as furniture, on a different development path. Bronze Ding, GUI, Zun, plates, utensils, such as Grand wine, water and other utility functions and as a ritual in our ancestors ' spiritual life marked the significance of the other table, coherence. It can be said that no ancient bronzes, there can be no business, week gentle nobility rank system and the unique power of expression system in pre-Qin era. Core system of ancient civilization, the so-called "ceremony, music and conquest from the son of heaven" and "an important affair of State, SI-Rong", and bronze cultures are all inextricably linked.
    bronze vessels in ancient times has often been used as a ritual implement. Regulations for society to reflect strict hierarchical system of Shang and Zhou ritual, known as "gift" to maintain the political and economic power, man, God and sacrifice is communication, so that the order of the world of sacred Center link. Bronze account for a large share of the sacrificial, is a long and noble Interior tribes as the world "master" of the ritual sacrifices necessary under the auspices of Emperor. In addition, made of bronze or a gift with the Shang and Zhou era nobles hungou, and feasts, and worship, Alliance and minggong song, closely related to German and other ritual activities.
    as a symbol of the ancient rite socio-political and economic power, created by the King and Marquis Ding, GUI has also been seen as sources of legitimacy of State power. Legend of Yu the great "received nine Mu Kim, casting jiuding, cast under the tripod in Jingshan, Kyushu" Kuang Xia dynasty of princes, ruling the Central Plains, is a symbol of statehood. "After the summer's loss, the people of Yin; loss of ancient dynasties, the Zhou dynasty. "Is that every generation of the dynasty, the" jiuding "has subsequently changed hands. Spring and Autumn period, chuzhuanggong to the Messenger of the King of Zhou "won the seriousness,", making the "top" Word covet power or refers to the attempt to achieve hegemonic classic statement of authority. Reset stand bronze transfer within the Royal family or ancestral temples, is essentially a redistribution of power and wealth brought about by the transfer of sovereignty, the "jiuding" as a symbol of the Central Government, who holds the "jiuding", who holds the country's highest political authority. Simultaneously, all levels of nobility use ritual in the type, quantity and there are strict rules, types and amount of directly representing the level of noble rank. The so-called "Zhong Ming Ding fresh", that is, said the family would flourish, servants of many large scenes, became the noblest of nobles displayed their own identity signs. As the eminent scholar Chang Kwang-chih said: "the bronze is politics and power."
    ancient bronze Chang Ziming as "Bao Zun", "the bonding", which shows that bronze is regarded as precious treasures, bronzes unearthed in Han dynasty as "auspicious" sign. According to the hanshu? records Emperor Wu JI, Emperor "by Ting fen Shui" title changed to "Ding". From the Han dynasty bronze tripod starting Java how to program for this historic event, Chinese bronzes of the collection for more than 2000 years of history.
    since the Northern Song dynasty, scholars for research and the collection of bronze and enjoy becoming a trend, a new learning curve, the so-called "inscriptions" happily ever after begins to take shape, the famous poet Li Qingzhao's husband Zhao Mingcheng is the famous epigraphy in the Song dynasty. Chinese bronzes focuses on the archaeology, history, palaeography, description and research of multiple disciplines, Western and Japan and other countries collect and study on ancient Chinese bronzes focus on shapes, decorations and other aesthetic aspects, relevant experts and his works have a very high standard.