Origin of the custom of sanchaliuli

Tea ceremony is a solemn ritual in ancient Chinese wedding. Originally out of ancient awareness of the habits of tea plant, tea tree can sprout into from seed strains, not portable, so as a tea to sex symbol does not move. So folk with tea as the men and women engaged in the tea ceremony.
    "three tea ceremony" formerly popular in the southern areas, there are generally two kinds of argument. When one is engaged in "tea under" married "tea", when of the same branch of "tea". Another refers specifically to the three tea ceremony of wedding, the first fruit; second seed, dates; the third is the tea. Ways of eating also pay attention: after the first and second is the joint, hands, bowed deeply, then the Cup and the lips touch, away from their families, third bowed before the tea you can drink.
    "six man" began in the Zhou dynasty, according to zhouwenwangbo have auspicious, so SI weibin, whole process six ceremonies, namely: mining satisfied, ask name, Nagy, Turner sign, please, welcome. Soon after the ceremony as "six man". "Mining satisfied" is the groom matchmaker to the bride to propose, if the woman with a kiss on the wedding, the groom to bride to marry him again, carrying gifts often live geese; "Maghrib released, na yan. "(Note: the" faint "-" married ") weeks before then, owing to the different status of different mining satisfied gift, then switched to geese. Goose because he was considered the wild goose "wooden drop, whose ice Feng North group" accord with Yin and Yang between; the second is that geese lost spouses, life no longer double, taking his loyalty. "Q" is the groom holding a matchmaker to her to ask her name and date of birth when, preparing hehun ceremony. Ask the name, men ranked both birth horoscope, Yin and Yang, marriage luck, if the character can be married. "Nagi" is the man after leading fortune-telling the woman the auspicious hehun news, gift to the woman to decide on marriage. This is the main stage of engagement etiquette. Formerly with geese as wedding gifts, go to "small additional" phase, commonly known as sent, too, will be hired. Later gifts by wild goose gradually evolved into a ring, jewelry, colored silk, cake, candles, etc. "Nano" sign is when both men and women to enter into marriage, the groom gifts sent to female etiquette, very tedious. Bride gifts after returning, or return the food part of the bride price, or female to male prepared to send such as clothing and footwear and the groom. Dowry goods in more auspicious, taking double bogey. Later said "don't stray from eight" resulting. "Please," commonly known as "day" "sending day", is the optional date fixed for the wedding after the groom bride price, the ceremony goes for comments. How simple the etiquette, in the "NA" sign and decided the wedding. "Pro" is the bride's ceremony, etiquette is complicated, there are also various styles, various practices, vary, largely from outside into the Interior of the whole process. In areas around under the car, sedan, worship of heaven and Earth, hejin, enters the bridal chamber and many other programs. Six man man paid her social status as the main character is disguised under the old ritual of forced marriage a specific performance.
    wedding, marry but while lovers are undoubtedly celebrate happy events in life. ZhangPu, the ancestors are immigrants of the Central Plains of the Jin, Tang, and customs, including the marriage remains essentially follows the Central Plains culture. But after a thousand years of succession and evolution, and certain local characteristics.