Wedding creative custom gifts sent to new ideas

Wedding gifts sent to new creative practices, now on the traditional wedding customs wedding ideas, traditions and customs are gradually being abandoned, but its fun and people new to spread down.
    references: proposed House, optional child marriage of a family, please people first home entertaining, indicating the meaning of marriage, so references to run both, play an intermediary role. Meet
   : Media agree to marriage by references and fix a time two objects meet the man or his relatives, agreed by the conversation, that is, engagement about. When they meet, the man simply to entertain, the two sides mainly relatives to attend, participate in opinion. After talking, two people give each other gifts (male to female clothes and four, women's gifts to the man slightly). If the other party gifts, agreed, or there is a problem.
   : in recent years the woman to the man's House to watch practices. While watching the House, mainly relatives of the woman to accompany, the man you want to be a decent dinner and gifts to give the woman more than met, at least a good material. If men do not agree, need to spend into cash give the woman of the House, is a cable lift.
    clothes: after watching House, which introduced and they agreed to give the woman ripping of clothes number, color, time, place and people. On this day, men marry one woman with references to people in the County, generally four to six (2 pieces, each 7-9 ft) materials, ten, eight, will take at least two hundred or three hundred Yuan, qianerbabai. Liberation to buy fabric, now dominated by wool and silk. Among material things, as well as shoes, socks, scarves, wool, bags, etc. Torn clothes finished, a group of people going to a restaurant meal, that eight out of ten dishes, spend hundreds of Yuan. Rural people often torn clothes of nuts.
    sit drinking: also called "eat a feast", "Guoli." Sat drinking etiquette is a grand, this day, the groom to kill a pig, goat, prepared chicken, duck, fish, meat, chef cooking, scaffolding, and last row of loudspeakers pomp, as rich. Male relatives were invited to bring gifts to the party, the woman informed the family, countrymen, relatives young and old sit media seats, to agree with it.
    choosing an auspicious day: choose the wedding day wedding, Hillbilly days. The man who wanted to marry, matchmakers, said Tong after the woman, please calculate the wedding day. First look at male and female animal "good months", "lost Moon", a hehun "good months" Ballad: ", seven chickens and rabbits, two or eight Tigers and monkeys, three or nine snakes were pigs, four or seven dragons and dogs, cattle and sheep, 10 or one of five, six, MA la rats walk. "And secondly, when you choose an auspicious day, Kat. Apart from the above stress and taboo when choosing an auspicious day the widow and four eyes (pregnant women) are close, rushed "Hi", and so on. Today, such practices gradually diminished.
   : also called marriage, redneck bride. Old is very complex and very particular about the wedding, the main items are:
    Deacon: that the person presiding at the wedding ceremony. Pen: the gift, on the day before writing xilian (Gate, door), write wedding day gift list. "Bin": country folk. Man bin, Fu woman, female (or maids). "Bin" to choose the old enough to be the groom, friends and family conditions (blessed is that man) married 2 as a mandate to accompany the groom to the wedding ceremony. Cooks (including hongan chef cook and Zheng Mo Pai Hsiao-master). Please run: that the people, relatives and friends dedicated to wards, such as borrowed furniture, scaffolding, buy things, such as water heating, hospitality.
    wedding: as a groom for the "hehun" ceremony prelude and the female is "sending female" ritual. This morning, by combing the bride maid (maid) dress up, waiting for the groom to marry. Groom wearing robe dress (blue satin do), head wearing hat, red flower arrangement, by capitalists tert-(Bo), and welcome gu, and bin phase, and bearer, and Le people, accompanied, riding or sat car (old family, and well-off also has groom sat green car with red car wedding of), carry "fengguanxiapei" and the side demon, and a put shade umbrella, gift came to witness home. In music, groom parents kowtow ceremony into a feast. Bride and her bridesmaids for the crest on a cloud, wearing a red embroidered, and red silk veil, saying goodbye to ancestral tablets, brother bid farewell salute to the parents. Bride's absence felt, crying, called "crying car" or "wailing".
    marriage: also known as "the bride", "the bride", chaired by the Minister. Deacons dressed in a dress (top hat and robe). Starting from car, Deacon hand a bucket containing licorice (gold), Bran (Silver), singing the song of forage, firecrackers under the bride in the car, and through the door into the Chamber, to spend in front of the Hall, stepped forward to remove the veil of the bride and groom, husband and wife of Joseph. Hall Qian table Shang pendulum incense, and candle, and offered products and the dedicated "days, and to, and June, and Pro-, and Division" of tablets; floor red blanket for groom bride kowtow of with; addition table Shang also placed six real: bucket, and scales, and feet, and cut, and Abacus, and mirror (symbol legend in the "sanmeiliuzheng" of "six card"), said "fair, heart mirror".
    into the bridal chamber: the bride and groom after the meeting, each drink a glass of wine is called "jiaobeijiu" by aunt brought into the new house was called into the bridal chamber. When the kitchen, and was specifically intended to pot up a porcelain bowl, aunt sings: "the bride, horses and flocks." Iron scoop the pot stir let the bride, great singing: "bride to stir the pot, stir more." Someone threw a pair of chopsticks in the pot, and aunt sing; "the bride see chopsticks, holding Prince next year." Watch to the new House are throwing a piece of porcelain tiles, aunt and sang: "bridal chamber stack of tiles, Eva next year." Someone inside a wooden blocks, great singing: "inside Pier, the year after holding grandson." Kang four corners four kinds of dried fruit: Walnut (harmonic till), dates (see red mixed), peanuts, chestnuts (peanuts), view of the lively grab food, great aunt and sang: "seven Walnut eight dates, WA much less to women, daughter-in-law to eat walnuts ZAO, the couple and the never annoyed" and so on. After the bride in the bridal chamber, the moment will have the young man to come to hang curtains, curtains in the name of the bride requested red (red paper money), said wedge a nail as shown, this nuisance to laugh. At the feast, end who intentionally does not use chopsticks, to brides please seal and her female guests are also not paying attention, hip flask cups dishes such as hides, even back home, son-in-law to the witness's house party, with handkerchiefs, candy and other gifts in return. Such a nuisance, folk thought interesting.
    treat: "hospitality", also called "agents". Generally two meals, the Chief: a plate of nine bowls (four plates of cold dishes, five bowls of hot dish) with bread. Second start drinking, four disc in the tray, or six plates, drinking and serving wine has completed a dish with steamed. Before and after meals and refreshments. Seating seats be divided into high and low for all ages, family VIP first seats (such as parents, uncle, aunt, etc). Banquets, bride and groom to step through seat make a toast to the guests, mainly relatives of wine would also like to give a gift, this gift is called "each other", which are called "gift". Banquet and play drinking games from afar.
   : also known as "wife", "new downtown". Three days after the wedding night, play rooms, rich in content, said song riddles, tongue twisters, sing, have parents mouths, double sugar, cherry, Mandarin Duck delivery and so on. Programs are fun, but also some unhealthy content, such as to fit small cannon on the cigarette, cigarette lighter gun being frightened at the bride, others to put chili or mustard powder in tea, bride drinking cough, plus some uncivil shows often appear of bad taste.
    meal: after getting married early the next morning, her relatives for the daughter and main meals, dumplings, noodles, put a plate, referring to daughter don't forget her gratefulness, her guests must entertain the in-laws.
    door: third day after marriage (in case of one-day pushed back a day, meaning get Dual Gigabit), bin tape the couple, shiluo on go to the bride's House the party called "door", or "son-in-law". Hosted by the witness, and son-in-law to witness home clan elders to kowtow ceremony, recipients with small gifts in return, to show each other.