Customs of different countries around the world gift culture differences

  Customs of different gifts cultural differences around the world. Due to historical forms of each country and for different reasons, each nationality has different levels of culture and education decided to gift culture different from each other. When in Rome, to that place needs to worship Buddha, people in General cannot be gift-giving customs copy form. In international business communication, reciprocity is an essential part of established relationships, expand their business scope. Therefore, you must understand the gift-giving habits, master the art of gift-giving rules and. If used improperly, can cause displeasure of the relationship, or even a broken relationship. American gift mainly pay attention to usability and singular characteristics. As long as the gift can satisfy their curiosity, they will have a good impression on the giver. If you can send some small gifts with unique style, or national characteristics, American would welcome. For example, Chinese-made imitation of Terra-Cotta Warriors, in the minds of Americans is a rare gift. In addition, do not use black paper when wrapping gifts, because the Black United States eyes the color of unlucky. Also, pay attention to gift-giving should not be started talking business, but at the end of the. United Kingdom, dinner or the Opera, in lieu of gifts. For the British when gifts should send some gifts of price is not too high. If the gift price is very high, will be mistaken for a bribe. Send some premium chocolates, one or two bottles of wine and flowers that can be recipients of the like. But be careful, best not to send gifts printed with the company logo. For Britons, unless you know them very well, do not give them gifts, or English people think sender is vulgar, is they can get in return. Met a Frenchman for the first time, not gifts. French advocate art so the gifts had better take some artistic, distinctive antique gift, they will love it. If you are invited to the French dining at home, should take several without tying flowers, chrysanthemums must be excluded. Germans pay attention to gift packaging, gifts do not use wrapping paper or Ribbon wrapped in white, black or brown. If gift wrap rough, they think is disrespectful to the people. In addition, avoid sharp objects, because the Germans saw it as an ominous sign. Invited to enroll, is a German head, it will enjoy great popularity, but must be meticulous and thoughtful arrangements. Japanese gifts, don't send 4-or 9-like things at once, because "4" in Japanese and "death" sounds like "9" and "bitterness" harmonics. Japanese like branded goods, but decorated with the Fox and the Badger is annoyed. They believe that Fox is a symbol of greed, badgers represent cunning. To visit in the Japanese home, carry only 15 petals of Chrysanthemum, as only on the cap badge of the Royal family have a 16 petal chrysanthemum. The Japanese believe that gave individual gifts presented in private should not be publicly presented, unless you give everyone present gifts. Persons with Muslims in the Middle East, temperance, and therefore should not serve wine to them. Should pay attention to never give their wives or concubines. African countries to the value of the gift is not fastidious, but an emphasis on practicality of the gift, not send gift. Gift give brand-name of the CIS countries, particularly Western brand-name goods, regardless of the value of gifts of high and low, are likely to gain their favor. From a box of "Marlboro" cigarettes, a pair of LEVIS jeans, to a Japan TV, nor are they very satisfactory. Arabs, like Japanese, proud of reciprocity as a serious business. Exquisite and gorgeous gifts, presents more than plain and simple love; "" thing, more like than nameless antique; educational toys and crafts, more favored than the simple practical things. All kinds of liquor, including those depicting animal gifts, is not popular.