Role of gift-giving practices of States in international relations

  Role of gift-giving practices of States in international relations is very important, understood well the gift culture of gift-giving habits of States for international communication is a must and essential. Xiao Wang works in a foreign company international commerce, because they don't know what foreign customers habits result gifts instead of being misunderstood, make a mess and offer an apology by the company led to a little tongue-lashed, clear understanding different national habits are good for commercial diplomacy, in international business communication, reciprocity is an essential part of established relationships, expand their business scope. Therefore, understand the gift-giving habits, good gift-giving rules and the level of attainment is very important. United States loved exotic things, Americans mainly pay attention to practical gifts and singular characteristics. If you can send some small gifts with unique style, or national characteristics, Americans will be very welcome. For example, Chinese-made imitation of Terra-Cotta Warriors, in the minds of Americans is a rare gift. In addition, wrap the gifts without black paper, because the Black United States eyes the color of unlucky. Also, note that gifts should be talking business over time. Britons don't accept expensive gifts when British gifts if gift price is very high, it is mistaken to be a bribe. Send some premium chocolates, one or two bottles of wine and flowers that can be recipients of the like. But be careful, best not to send gifts printed with the company logo. France gifts like strong artistic and art are inseparable, French advocate art so the gifts had better take some artistic, distinctive antique gift, they will love it. If you are invited to the French dining at home, should take several without tying flowers, chrysanthemums must be excluded. Japan taboo 4 and 9, Japanese gifts, don't send 4-or 9-like things at once, because "4" in Japanese and "death" sounds like "9" and "bitterness" harmonics. Japanese like branded goods, but decorated with the Fox and the Badger is annoyed. They believe that Fox is a symbol of greed, badgers represent cunning. Arab States advocating simple love is simple, exquisite and gorgeous gifts, more than plain and simple gifts by love; "" thing, more like than nameless antique; educational toys and crafts, more favored than the simple practical things. But a variety of wines, including those depicting animal print gift unwelcome.