History and origins of the gift culture

  In the ancient times, people's behavior and the guidelines on the formation of a prototype of the gift culture, history and what is the origin of the gift culture? Gift culture of origin there are two kinds of theories and ideas. The first concerns and made sacrifices to the gods. In ceremonies in ancient times, in addition to the standard actions, attitude of reverence, people still need their most valuable and most items can reflect on tribute to the gods (the sacrifice) dedicated to the gods. Another gift is considered the origin of the ancient of war due to the tribal merger "tribute", which is sent regularly to the Conqueror conqueror food, slaves, used to express respect for conqueror obedience, asylum and begging for a conqueror. This shows that the embryonic form of a gift or "sacrifice" or "tribute", is the material embodiment of the collective will. Delicate is that both the gods, or the Conqueror, gifts under the pious, contains a special good vision-"pray for peace and happiness." Such good vision and emotions of devout respect, worship and tribute faded after people, without change, timeless, and incorporated a more delicate touch as gifts between the carrier passed from person to person, from country to country, and has become a unique social communication. Man's history is long and long, long and old history imprinted with tens of thousands of culture logo. These cultural icons, is repeatedly passing, merging, meditate and sublimation, integrated into the life of our generation, suosuosuisui, eventually turned to be our human temperament, emotions and natural expression of the nature of life.